Sunday, 4 August 2019

Book Release: Islamic Law Is Not Misogynistic

By Imam Muhammad at-Taaweel, may Allah have mercy on him


Some people have brought up the problem of “the masculinism of Islamic Law”, claiming that they are doing so in order for women to be defended and shown justice, and to clarify the injustice they have suffered as a result of legislations that have been influenced by the authority of men and their masculinism.

It is a baseless claim and a false statement the purpose of which is to defame our legal scholars and create misgivings about Islamic Law. In these pages, I have written some brief sentences that should benefit anyone eagerly looking for the truth, and should silence every hypocrite, those who are not pleased for men and women to live under the shade of Islam, happy with its divine legislations and laws.

The book also includes appendices by Imams Yahya an-Nawawi, Muhammad Saeed Ramadan al-Bouti, Muhammad Tawfeeq Ramadan, Rushdi Saleem al-Qalam and Abdul Haleem Mahmood. 

And with Allah alone is every success.
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UPDATE: The book is now available from Amazon.
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UPDATE: If you are in South East Asia or Australia, the book is available here.
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