Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Globalists and the Nationalists

Making sense of Brexit

Only a few days have passed since the EU Referendum and the dust is still settling, and it could still take a lot more time, maybe even two years or more, but there are some clear lessons to take from this:

Unbelievers in Europe and the Anglosphere, especially the politicians, fall into two broad categories: globalists and nationalists. Let's look at each one in turn:

1) The globalists are politicians like Tony Blair, Barack Obama, David Cameron, the Bush family, the Clinton family, Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, every top EU official etc. These are people who have a global agenda. They want to create some sort of global world order or global form of governance in which a select privileged few (mainly bankers and board members of mega corporations) make all decisions and the "little" people live for no real purpose apart from serving their betters. This is why Goldman Sachs and the other Wall Street banks funded and supported the Remain campaign.

These people see the nation state and nationalism as threats, and therefore they promote notions like multi-culturalism in the seemingly benign hope that diverse people with varying religions, cultures, language, values etc. will somehow get along with each other peaceably. The inevitable strife that this forcing of diversity causes is thus remedied by "political correctness", in which various groups (Muslims, LGBT, feminists, blacks etc.) can complain about being offended (i.e. cry Islamophobia, racism, feminism etc.) and then the politicians can step in, introduce laws and regulations (i.e. curtail free speech and other freedoms) and carry on in the same direction.

As I've discussed before, Muslims in Europe and the Anglosphere have been sucked into this trap, duped into believing that these politicians actually care about them. They don't. They are simply using Muslims, as they are using everyone else, as pawns in their larger agenda. It is indeed sad that Muslims don't understand that just as they use the PC stick to whip others, others can just as easily use it to whip them.

2) The other set of politicians, who are smaller in number and not so much in the mainstream, are the nationalists, and these are people like Donald Trump and Nigel Farage. The key thing to bear in mind about these people is that they do not have an agenda. The globalists are proactive while the nationalists are reactive. The latter look at the globalist agenda and its consequences (e.g. the gradual erosion of their culture and heritage, the erosion of their national identity, their basic rights and freedoms being curtailed etc.) and they react. Under different circumstances, these people would be working in the private sector. It is the globalist agenda that has pushed them to enter politics.

Instead of jumping the gun and claiming that Trump and Farage are "Islamophobes", it would be wiser to read this and this and understand that Muslims are being played as pawns in the globalist agenda. Furthermore, the Brotherhood top down approach (i.e. trying to impose Islam from above through politics, media, academia etc. instead of inculcating it in hearts) naturally breeds bitterness and resentment.

Yet again, Muslims in Europe and the Anglosphere have to learn to focus on preaching the faith while at the same time abandoning the cults, ignoring the politicians (especially the globalists) and growing a stiff upper lip. Those who want to pamper and coddle you do not have your best interests at heart. Remember, preaching the faith is the only justification you have for living in Dar al-Kufr.

And Allah knows best and with Him alone is every success.

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