Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Where Did Generation Special Snowflake Come From?

How did acting like a spoiled brat become legitimate political protest?

Alhamdulilah, this video was released a week ago and it concisely and accurately describes where all these spoiled millennials have come from. I would recommend that readers watch the video from the man's YouTube page so as to access the various links that he has included in the video's description.

One of the links is this article from 2013, in which psychologist Oliver James explains how children being raised in the absence of their parents affects their behaviour and levels of aggression. 40 primary school children are expelled every day in England for assaulting their teacher. Mr James also states that shoving children into nurseries is simply warehousing them so that the government can push mothers back to work to reap income for the Exchequer.

That sounds familiar. Not long before he passed away, film director Aaron Russo explained the true origins of feminism and women's lib to Alex Jones. It was never a grassroots movement but a carefully orchestrated agenda planned from the very top:

The objective was simple: get women into the workforce so that they can pay taxes and get children away from their parents and under the supervision of the state. Is this part of a larger, Marxist agenda? Maybe. Have a look at this lecture and this interview. Thomas Schuman (aka Yuri Bezmenov), a former KGB agent, explains the Soviet agenda to subvert the United States and slowly implement communism. Here he explains how feminists (or leftists in general) are 'useful idiots':

So there we have it; a generation of emotionally-damaged brats who have serious issues with reality. Is it any wonder that they slavishly adore big government and institutions like the EU? Is it possible that any of them would have watched or would even bother to watch Lexit (the left wing case against the EU) or Brexit: The Movie (which doesn't even touch the issue of immigration but focuses on sovereignty), or read Daniel Hannan's excellent book Why Vote Leave?  No, that would be too "discomforting". It's much easier and comforting to label all Leave voters, and anyone who disagrees with them in general, as racists, xenophobes, Islamophobes, bigots etc. It should be obvious who the real bigots are.

May Allah guide us and protect us from being carried away and sucked into such nefarious movements and agendas. They may seem well-meaning on the surface, but a believer's duty is to look at the bigger picture, and especially at who is orchestrating and funding such movements, and with Allah is every success.