Thursday, 10 March 2016

What Makes a Europhile

And why the EU is not for the common man

Daniel Hannan also wrote this article earlier in the week, deftly showing how it is the large corporations and banks that want the UK to remain in the EU while smaller businesses (SMEs), which employ far more people in the UK, want to leave. It is, yet again, a familiar scenario of the big boys getting into bed with government and writing regulations that stifle, kill off and indeed prevent competition from even emerging. This is corporatism.

The article also draws attention to the sheer nastiness that David Cameron's government is resorting to in order secure a victory for the remain vote. This nastiness can be understood if one looks at how weak the government's pro-EU argument actually is, followed by the fact that the much-lauded "deal" is just smoke and mirrors. Fear-mongering is the only resort for those who can't produce a convincing case. Here is a member of Cameron's cabinet desperately struggling to answer hard but valid questions about the UK leaving the EU:

The real threat indeed lies in remaining, as the EU will never give up on it's goal of "ever-closer" union. There is no status quo being offered; remaining means eventually joining the euro, Schengen and corpus juris. The only escape at that point will be if the EU implodes, which is also a strong possibility given the perpetual crisis that the euro has become coupled with the EU's catastrophic immigration policy, but being outside a collapsing structure is always safer than being inside.

The claims of the pro-EU camp have been explained and refuted time and time again. A common tactic is to equate the EU with Europe, and thus make ludicrous claims that the UK would revert to a caveman-like way of life post BrexitThe case for leaving is solid, and is why, slowly but surely, people change their mind. Whatever good intentions the EU may have had, or good opinions of it may that have been held, it is clear that the EU has deviated, and so much so that it is beyond reform.

At this point, one may think that leaving the EU is exclusively a desire of the right (even though it is a Tory prime minister who is desperate to remain). Prominent figures on the left also want to leave:

One can also have a look at this article.

And Allah knows best.

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