Monday, 7 December 2015

Why are they angry?

The conspiracy between the Islamists and the Progressive Left

I would like to thank al-Hajj Abu Ja'far al-Hanbali for bringing these videos to my attention. After watching both of them, a much clearer picture has come into view:

Tommy Robinson's presentation, from what I can see, displays two major problems:

1) The spread of Salafiyyah (and the usual sympathy and support for terrorism) in communities all over the UK along with the majority of Muslims, or Muslim organisations (who also tend to be Salafi and/or linked to the Muslim Brotherhood), doing little or nothing to stop it. Please see this post for more details.

2) The complicity of the government (especially the police and local councils) and the media, which is by and large progressive and liberal, such as the BBC.

Mr Robinson repeatedly gives examples of what he calls a "two-tier justice system", in other words, there is one set of laws for Muslims (and especially Islamists) and another set of laws for everyone else. The horrific scale of the grooming and raping of English girls, over decades, and the subsequent handling of it by the government and media is one example. Also in the presentation, please watch from 40:00. On a Remembrance Sunday, around the corner from a service to mark the occasion,  some psychologically disturbed Muslims had the gall to go out on the streets, burn poppies and bark like dogs, "British troops, burn in Hell". They obviously didn't have a fiqh class to attend, some Qur'an to memorise, some poor people to feed or anything remotely constructive to do that day. They weren't searched before their so-called protest and they weren't arrested during it, as is the usual case with the EDL, for example.

The BBC did not report this incident, the police didn't want to stop it and so when Mr Robinson tried to stop it himself he was arrested for assaulting a police officer, but there is video footage showing that he was only taking the black flag down, out of a Muslim's hand. Forcefully, yes, but he was not assaulting any police officer. The BBC, as expected, put out the headline "EDL leader assaults police officer", but nothing of the sort happened, and indeed, when Mr Robinson produced the video footage in court all charges were dropped. However, eight weeks later he was re-arrested and charged, unbelievably, with causing "alarm and distress" to those Muslim protesters. 

As Mr Robinson repeatedly asks in his presentation, what would you do? How would you feel? He also points out many good things that Muslims have done, such as helping people after psychologically disturbed Muslims have thrown beer kegs and bricks through their windows. He also mentions that 50% of Muslims in the UK state that they don't feel represented by "mainstream" Muslim organisations, such as the Muslim Council of Britain, which is a Brotherhood front organisation. This is a positive statistic, as it means that the grip of the Brotherhood and Salafiyyah is not that strong. To understand more about the Brotherhood and how they operate in the Anglosphere, have a look at this documentary.

As for the progressive left, the self-anointed, it is in their very nature to babysit and coddle minorities in order to soothe their egos and make themselves feel special and important:

Muslims are thus duped into thinking that the government and the media are on their side, but they're not. The truth is that Muslims are being duped, manipulated and exploited from both sides, from the Islamists on the one hand and the progressive left government and media on the other, and both seek to stir up resentment and hatred. For example, as Mr Robinson deftly points out, it is local councils that ban the cross of St George from being displayed on taxis or demand that Christmas be renamed "winter festival", and they do so on the pretext that Muslims might be offended, but no Muslim has ever raised the issue, let alone claimed to be offended by it. Nonetheless, the result is that many Christians direct their ire at Muslims.

Muslims in the UK, and the Anglosphere in general, do not want to fall into the same trap that blacks in the United States have fallen into, i.e. believing that the progressive left actually care about them and that the political route (i.e. getting blacks into government and positions of influence),as opposed to the economic route (i.e. starting businesses and creating jobs), is the way out of their woeful condition.

Therefore, the way forward is to squash Salafiyyah, ignore "mainstream" Muslim organisations (they are mostly Brotherhood fronts and they have no real knowledge of Islam), ignore the BBC and other progressive mouthpieces like the Guardian (they're narcissists and they care about their egos first and foremost), stop whinging to the government about being offended, and squash reprehensible aspects of culture, such as forced marriages, honour killings, rape and rape gangs, acid throwing, paedophilia etc. These things are sick and disgusting, and those who find them to be sick and disgusting are not racist or "Islamophobic".

And Allah knows best.

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