Thursday, 31 December 2015

Articles on Mawlid

Two articles from Jurjis's blog:


1. Religion on Sale

This is an excellent article on the constant and consistent watering down of Islam in the Anglosphere, and in this case it takes the form of how Muslims celebrate the Mawlid, which this year fell on Christmas Eve and therefore it was hard to distinguish the Christmas lights put up by Christians from the "Mawlid" lights put up by Muslims. The marches that some Muslims partake are also hard to distinguish for those that Christians partake in during Easter festivities. Here are Russian Orthodox Christians partaking in the Paschal Outdoor Procession:

"Bright Week" Procession
Aside for the clear religious syncretism that these lights and processions display, how are non-believers supposed to respond when not only are their daily lives being disrupted (e.g. roads being blocked and traffic rerouted), but this year their own religious celebrations are imposed upon?

If these people do indeed love the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, as they claim, why not do something about the horrific crimes that have been committed by Muslims in their own communities, top of the list being the rape of white girls? Rochdale appears to have an even more serious problem than Birmingham. Doing something about forced marriages and honour killings would also help.

2. The Balanced Way Regarding the Mawlid, Without Exaggeration 

Alhamdulilah, this article sheds light on how Mawlid should be acknowledged and celebrated, and with Allah is every success.

[An article on "self-identifying" in the Anglosphere will be published soon, insha'Allah,]

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