Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Muslim Boy Who Cried "Clock"

And the "Islamophobia" agenda

Before getting into the matter at hand, I would advise readers to refer to Imam Muhammad Saeed Ramadan al-Bouti's article entitled 'Fatawa that Appear Islamic But Actually Serve the West' in order to get a fuller picture of the political agenda and party politics that lurks behind a great deal of Muslim activity in the Anglosphere and Europe. In short, it is the Muslim Brotherhood top-down approach, which is to put Muslims in influential positions, such as the media, academia and government, and slowly but surely impose Islam (or what they think Islam is) from above.

Yes, they are blissfully ignorant of the fact that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and him and grant him peace, never tried to spread the faith in such a way. His way is the opposite, which is to invite people to Islam at the grassroots. Inviting implies voluntary will and therefore there is none of this bitterness and resentment that the wider population rightfully expresses, which is that they are not Muslims, they don't live in Muslim-majority countries, so why should they be made to obey branch issues of the Revealed Law, from page 3 of the Sun newspaper to drawing cartoons?

It is not the duty of the law, especially in Anglosphere countries, to protect citizens from insult and abuse. (As a side note, Muslims should really read the book How We Invented Freedom by Daniel Hannan in order to comprehensively grasp Anglosphere culture and jurisprudence.) If the law were to attempt to do so, tyranny would be the inevitable result. Does it not occur to Muslims in the Anglosphere, when they ask for legal protection after legal protection, that they too can be beaten with the same stick? What if Jews and homosexuals claimed to be offended by certain verses in the Qur'an? By the very same logic, the Qur'an would have be to be banned, or at the very least those verses would have to be banned or prohibited from being quoted in public. Why can't Muslims just take full advantage of free speech, get a stiff upper lip, grow thicker skin and boldly preach the faith? If this strategy (if that's what indeed it is) persists, preaching Islam will eventually be outlawed in these countries, which would in turn defeat any justification that Muslims have for abiding there. When preaching the faith to atheists, Christians, Jews or whoever, or by simply living amongst them, you have to be prepared for the fact that they too will preach their faith. It's not bullying. It's not harassment. There's no need to run crying to the authorities. Preach your faith and thank Allah that you have someone in your workplace who challenges you.

Anyway, once the above is understood, the Ahmed Mohammed story, in a which a Muslim boy in Texas supposedly did nothing but bring a homemade clock to school in order to impress his teachers and was subsequently arrested on suspicion of bringing in a hoax bomb, can be seen for what it really is: a political move that is part of the larger political agenda. Stefan Molyneux sums it up very nicely at the top, and one can also look at these short videos:

As for certain people simply not liking Islam, or hating it passionately, this is something that Muslims have to wake up to and accept because Allah has told us about this in the Qur'an. Please have a look at Surat al-Baqara 2:120, Surat Aal Imran 3:186 and Surat Muhammad 47:9. Islam is not a big, white, fluffy teddy bear that is supposed to be loved and adored by all and sundry.

In conclusion, stories like this and others that have been referred to above should serve as a reminder that Islam in Dar al-Kufr, and especially the Anglosphere, with very few exceptions, is rapidly being exposed for the fraud and farce that it truly is.

And with Allah is every success.

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