Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Ugly Truth About Hollywood

A rather sobering plea to avoid violence and civil war in the Anglosphere:

Something is afoot in Europe and the Anglosphere, and especially the United States, which tends to blaze the trail for other Anglosphere and European nations. After thirty years of liberalism, of political correctness, of the self-esteem movement (i.e. everyone gets a trophy/everyone is a winner/everyone is special), of feelings and emotions over facts and objective standards, it all appears to be coming to an end. 

There is a paradigm shift happening in the culture, the pendulum is swinging the other way, but will it happen without a serious outbreak of violence? The left have been pushing their agenda very hard for the past few decades, and under the last American president they pushed as hard as they could, so much so that the 2016 election really was a "winner takes all" election: one side would win, the other would fade into oblivion. The Democrat Party in the United States is now following the path of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom, completely failing to understand why they lost and thus moving further and further to the left, thereby making themselves more and more unelectable.

The removal and dismissal of objective standards leads to the absence of morals and values. Nothing means anything anymore, and anything means nothing. Everything is relative. Anglosphere Islam, so heavily caught up in the culture of the left, after promoting various monstrosities over the last sixteen years, from "minority fiqh" to the The Study Quran, has been reduced to meaningless fluff. Now Anglosphere Muslims can argue about who is more offended/offensive and who is the greater victim/perpetrator. That's all that's remains.

Western culture, assisted by the mainstream media and Hollywood, has now reached a point where resorting to violence to win an argument is being normalised. If someone disagrees with you or your political him, give them a label (e.g. Nazi, racists, sexist, xenophobe) and then punch them in the face, or at least threaten to do so. It is those who have no argument and no evidence who resort to violence: the left in western culture and cultists in Muslim culture. To put it differently: resorting to intimidation, anger and violence is clear proof that you have no argument and no evidence.

Hollywood, the cesspool that it is, is losing money fast and will hopefully be on the trash heap of history soon, where it belongs, but its corruption of the culture will not disappear that fast. Nowadays, Hollywood's main heroes for their scripts and screenplays, and this has been the case for several years now, are comic book superheroes, people who use violence to achieve their objectives, not great orators or thinkers, writers or scholars, i.e. those who use knowledge, reason and evidence to convince others and thereby make them better people who live fruitful, meaningful lives. Why is this the case? It is because knowledge, reason and evidence have to be rooted in facts and objective standards. In the mainstream, dominated by the left for decades, those were lost a long time ago.

So now matters appear to be teetering on the edge. Will the pendulum swing back peacefully or will there be violent fights on the streets? Will people be killed? This is essentially a battle between the left and the right, which is not just conservative vs liberal but also nationalist vs globalist, and it is sad the Anglosphere Muslims have almost completely fallen into the latter camp instead of rising above the battle and using knowledge, reason, evidence and, most importantly, revelation to offer something better. Why does it fall down to an atheist philosopher, e.g. in the video above, to be the voice of peace and reason? Where are the "leading scholars of our time", i.e. from amongst the Muslims of the Anglosphere, to offer a way out of this madness? I guess it's hard to offer a way out of madness when you're stuck in the middle of it and can't even identify what it is.

There is something much deeper going on. It's bigger than just one election. Violence or not, civil war or not, the future of Islam in the Anglosphere is tenuous at best. Those with whom Anglosphere Muslims have mistakenly and thoughtlessly allied, the leftists, the globalists, the cultural Marxists, the politically correct crowd, will soon be pushed to the side and no longer dominate the culture. The false sense of security they offered will finally be exposed for the falsehood that it is. There won't be any more safe spaces. If you're a Muslim and you're awake, it's time to leave for Dar al-Islam or at least move out of the mainstream.

And with Allah is every success.

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