Monday, 30 January 2017

Getting some perspective

Revisiting this issue

Yet again, the lunatic left and Anglosphere Muslims are in hysterics over the supposed "Muslim" ban, even though it is nothing like what was proposed just over a year ago.

1) This is the full  text of the executive order and this is how it will be implemented by the Department of Homeland Security. There is no specific mention of Islam or Muslims but rather seven countries that have Muslim majority populations. Reading the president's own statement would also be helpful. (Curiously, the full text of the executive order is not on White House website. Could this be the reason?)

2) Please watch this video. Virtue signalling is not the same as actually being virtuous.

3) Please read this article, which is packed full of information. The seven countries on the list were actually selected by the Obama administration under the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015.

4) Yes, Barack Obama suspended the Iraqi refugee program for six months in 2011, amongst other bans. There was no outrage or hysteria then.

5) Five of those seven countries, namely Syria, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Yemen were bombed excessively under the previous administration.

6) Who is bankrolling this hysteria?

7) This is not an argument. Such a statement implies that all Muslims are so psychopathic that the mere act of banning them from entering a country turns them into terrorists. Sounds a bit "Islamophobic", no? You have to stop and look at the complete idiocy of leftist logic. If it is perfectly normal for any Muslim to turn to terrorism when offended, would it not be better to keep them out? If Trump is "literally Hitler", why would anyone protest for the right to enter the country he leads? How come no one is fleeing the United States? What happened to  all those American, "anti-racist" celebrities who promised to leave the United States if Trump became president, and migrate not to Mexico or Venezuela or Morocco but to majority white, Christian countries like Canada and New Zealand? And so on and so forth. It's not about logic, it's about emotion.

In conclusion, you can't take the left seriously and you can't take the mainstream media seriously. They are just toying with people's emotions for the sake of their agenda.

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