Monday, 24 October 2016

Cultural Marxism

Could this explain the freakball relationship between Anglosphere Muslims and the progressive left?

The video above is a brief summary of the ideology known as cultural Marxism, which appears to be the dominant ideology of the globalists as they seek to establish some form of global governance. As opposed to classical Marxism, which pits the proletariat against the bourgeoisie, cultural Marxism pits minorities (who are understood to be "oppressed" and "under-privileged") against the majority (who are understood to be the "oppressors" and "privileged"). In Europe and the Anglosphere, the majority is represented by white people, traditional families, heterosexuals, those who are not transgender (now called "cisgender") and, of course, Christians.

Therefore, non-white people, and especially blacks (e.g. Black Lives Matters) are used to demonise and attack whites.  Homosexuality and transgenderism are promoted heavily on TV and in motion pictures. And you can guess what religious group is being used to attack and undermine Christianity. That would be Muslims, obviously, as they make up the dominant minority religious group. The current European migrant crisis, in which mainly Muslim men from Africa, the Arab world and the Indian subcontinent are flocking to the European Union in droves, fits into this plan well as it undermines both Christianity and white European culture in general, even though migrating to Europe is not what Muslims have been commanded to do.

While the video above concludes that the outcome of cultural Marxism will be the marginalisation of traditional European culture, one could take it further and see that cultural Marxism ultimately seeks to destroy the family, because the family is the main barrier between the individual and the state. If the family can be broken, especially by removing fathers from the picture, people are forced to turn to the state as provider and caregiver. This is exactly what has happened to blacks in the United States since the expansion of the welfare state:

The welfare state destroyed what the transatlantic crossing, slavery, the civil war, the Great Depression, and two world wars could not: the black family

Before the expansion of the welfare state, the majority of black children were raised in two-parent households, but now 72% of blacks are raised in single-parent households and blacks vote for the Democratic party (the more progressive, statist, big government party) at rates of around 90%. Lyndon Johnson wasn't too far off when he made his prediction.

Tragically, Muslims in the Anglosphere and especially the US are following down the same path, believing that they are loved and respected by those in power when in actual fact they are being used and exploited (through political correctness, promotion of victim mentality etc.) for much greater political and ideological ends. The video below is a more detailed explanation of cultural Marxism:

Please note what the speaker says about Wikipedia's page on cultural Marxism. It used to exist, but is now called 'the cultural Marxist conspiracy theory' and is merely a short paragraph on the page about the Frankfurt School. This was also explained by Vox Day, and thus he went on to set up Infogalactic, where the original page can now be found. Wikipedia has thus itself become a tool of cultural Marxism.

Another thing we can glean from this video is that if cultural Marxism were active in the Muslim world, for example, it would seek to undermine Islam and would be promoting minority religions in the process, most likely Christianity. Cultural Marxists, being ardent atheists, couldn't care less about any religion or its adherents. To them, religion, nationality, gender, race etc. are all social constructs and thus wholly arbitrary, and therefore there are no objective standards.

What is indeed very sad is that Muslims are supposed to be conservative. To give a few examples, (in addition to being religious):

2) Men are commanded to be the caretakers of women, to protect them and provide for them (i.e. traditional gender roles)
3) We believe that private property is sacred and that government should be limited.

In other words, apart from the occasional anti-war march (which, oddly enough, only take place when the American president is a Republican), we have nothing in common with the progressive left. They are nice to Muslims and they use sweet words, but this is only because it suits the ends of their sick ideology. Are any leftists protesting now as Hillary Clinton and her cronies threaten war with Russia? Do Muslims in the Anglosphere and especially the US even care (or do they even know?) that Hillary and her cronies are responsible for destroying large parts of the Muslim world, such as Libya, Iraq and Syria? Apparently not. And with nuclear war between the United States and Russia becoming increasingly likely (may Allah protect us all), followers of "AmerIslam" don't seem too worried about the prospects of glowing green for the next millennium and being visible from Alpha Centauri. But this is the effect of cultural Marxism: it mesmerises and brainwashes. Why are Anglosphere Muslims being brainwashed and herded like cattle? It's not hard to understand when one realises that they have detached themselves from the authorities and therefore do not listen to them. It's also easy to be brainwashed if you believe that your passions and desires will be fulfilled, e.g. the higher standard of living that is to be found in the United States and the Anglosphere compared to most Muslim countries.

The video above mentions brainwashing but also talks about religion in general, in addition to Christianity. Christianity is the main target because it is the dominant religion of the capitalist west, not because it is Christianity per se. Religion is an obstacle for cultural Marxism because, like the family, a religious community is a major source of support for the individual, and the objective of Marxism is for every individual to depend on the government. This means that if Muslims were to become the majority religious group in any Anglosphere or European country, they would then be targeted because they would be an obstacle to that objective. In essence, it's a trap. Muslims in the Anglosphere and Europe are being used as and treated like "useful idiots".

And Allah knows best.

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Anonymous said...

"blacks vote for the Democratic party (the more progressive, statist, big government party) at rates of around 90%"

That's because Republicans tend to be more racist and welcome the worst racists into their party. A few uncle toms are republican, yeah, but most of them are bigger suckers than those who vote Democrat. If you lived in the US, you might have a clue about this society.

Mahdi Lock said...

I think I know who you are. You have a most astonishing capacity for completely missing the point, rivalled only by your incapacity to do anything more than a superficial perusal of any article or video.

Anonymous said...

A very interesting piece and great introduction into cultural marxism. Thank you.

Mahdi Lock said...

Thank you. You might also like the podcast on the same topic: