Monday, 23 January 2017

The Distinction of Fiqh

Fiqh in relation to the other sciences of the Revealed Law

Does fiqh have a distinction over the other sciences?
Answer (Imam Wahbah az-Zuaylī):

Regarding the merit of fiqh, there is the well-known adīth that has been related by Amad and the two Sheikhs[1] on the authority of Muʿāwiyah: {Whomever Allah wants good for, he gives him fiqh[2] in the religion.} The scholars of fiqh[3] are distinguished by being those who derive[4] fiqhī rulings from the texts of the Qurʾān and the Sunnah,[5] and thus they are superior to the other scholars who do not derive. He, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, also said, {Often the one who is conveyed to is more aware than the one who originally heard. Often the one who carries fiqh is not a faqīh, and often he carries fiqh to someone who is greater in fiqh than him.} Thus, those who derive the branches[6] are the best of the First Three Generations and they are their scholars and their people of honour.

[1] (tn): i.e. Imams al-Bukhārī and Muslim
[2] Please see the first part of this post.
[3] Ar. fuqahāʾ, the singular of which is faqīh
[4] Please see Sūrat an-Nisāʾ 4:83
[5] Please see this post for further details, or this podcast.
[6] Ar. furūʿ, i.e. the rulings

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