Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Episode 1 The Foreword

 The first episode of The Foreword, an alternative English-language podcast about Islam and Muslims.

Talking points:
• How did Islam reach us? How did it get to us?
• The importance of the authorities (Ar. maraaji)
• Why did Muslims move to the Anglosphere and Europe?
• What have the maraaji said about this? What is their position?
• Who is running “Islam in the West”?
• Therefore, what should Muslims be doing if they live in these countries?
• Why do we need an English-language alternative?
Other topics that come up in this episode include: "Islamophobia", rape gangs, migration, the top-down imposition of Shariah law in the west and the impending backlash, 

Further reading:
Authority in Islam 


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1 comment:

Invite 2 Islam said...

Salamun 'alaykum,

A very insightful, thought-provoking discussion. Also bothering. Perhaps for the right reasons yet I am going to listen to it again to find benefit. I look forward to more, and hope to be included in any educational activities that are of any benefit in Nottingham. jazakAllah khayr, 'Abdur Rasheed.