Monday, 4 April 2016


And so it continues

What can we learn from Brussels and the recent attacks?

1) Islamic extremism comes from Islamic extremism, i.e. the Khawarij. They are that "small minority" that creeps its way like a cancer into Muslim community after Muslim community, waging its perpetual war against Sunni Islam and Sunni Muslims. Everyone else is collateral damage. This is also the sick distortion and perversion of jihad that Imam Muhammad Saeed Ramadan al-Bouti, may Allah have mercy on him, warned about over twenty years ago. Sadly, his warning was not heeded by large segments of the Syrian population.

2) The European Union is showing itself to be increasingly useless, or indeed blatantly harmful, when it comes to security. The current EU policy is simply not working.

3) Foolish articles like this one are either the result of sheer ignorance or blatant denial. Spokesmen for Islam in the Anglosphere are going to have to change tack eventually. Donald Trump is not just an individual; he represents a phenomenon. He is a mouthpiece and vehicle for the fears and concerns of many, and over time more people will come to agree with him.

And Allah knows best.

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