Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Another Fatwa on ‘Fiqh of Minorities’

Another authoritiy speaks on this matter

Is this where #ِAnglosphereIslam is headed?

What do you say about ‘Fiqh of Minorities’?

Answer: (
Imam Wahbah az-Zuaylī, may Allah have mercy on him)

It has no basis, because whatever is lawful in Dar al-Islam is lawful in Dar al-Ḥarb, and whatever is unlawful is Dar al-Islam is unlawful in Dar al-Ḥarb. It is because of ‘fiqh of minorities’ that some people in recent times have tried to facilitate matters, and thus declare usury[1] and other matters lawful.

Translated from the book Fatāwā al-ʿAṣr (Beirut: Dār al-Khayr, 1426/2005), p.227

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[1] For more on this matter please Imam Muhammad at-Taʾwīl’s book on usury and bank interest, which has been translated into English and will be published in the near future, if Allah so wills.

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