Monday, 22 May 2017

The Foreword: Lessons from the Qur'an: The Truth About Migration in Islam (Episode 21)

What is hijrah? From where to where have Muslims been commanded to migrate? How should Muslims understand the current migrant/refugee crisis?

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Ahmed said...

what are the necessary conditions to be considered as someone not being able to practice their religion ?

Considering there are cases in history where Muslims have resided in non-muslim lands for centuries (eg. Ethiopia & Sri Lanka), as well as cases where Muslim countries get invaded and Non-Muslims gain power over the land (Chechnya and Burma).

Mahdi Lock said...

Dear Ahmed,

Thank you for the message.

Please read the article 'The Abodes of the Earth', which is linked. You should find all your answers there.

And with Allah alone is every success.

Ahmed said...

After reading that, it is still not clearly defined as to what "manifesting Islam" means as in the necessary and sufficient conditions. Does the issue of hijab for example which is increasingly opposed in parts of the West fall within it ? But we have had Muslim countries who put a ban on hijab.

Also noticed the content in that article refers to case of Muslims born in Dar al Islam migrating outside it. But does not address Muslims who are converts and living in Dar al Harb for generations.

Or maybe its a generic ruling which has to be weighed individually ?

Mahdi Lock said...

Dear Ahmed,

This is the statement I was referring to from the article 'The Abodes of the Earth':

What is Dar Al-Ḥarb?
In his book Fiqh As-Sīrah, Sheikh Al-Būṭī[12] says:
‘The “abode of war” is, by extension, any place in which it is not possible for a Muslim to perform his religiously prescribed duties, such as prayer, fasting, meeting for communal worship, issuing the public call to prayer, and any other outward rites associated with Islam.’[13]

The hijab is obviously an outward manifestation of Islam and wearing it is a religiously prescribed duty.

The gist is that if a Muslim is in a place in which he is persecuted for being a Muslim (as the examples given above demonstrate), that place is Dar al-Harb and he has to leave.

There is no such things as someone being a convert for generations and there is no such thing as Muslims residing, openly as Muslims, in Dar al-Harb, and certainly not for generations.

And Allah knows best.