Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Russian Revolution...one hundred years later

What do we need to learn from the legacy of Karl Marx?

In the above video, Daniel Hannan gives a brief summary of Karl Marx's claim to be putting forth a scientific understanding of economics, but every single one of his predictions proved to be false.

That, however, isn't enough, because we also have to look at whether people practice what they preach. No sensible person buys diet books written by a fat guy. Karl Marx decried the exploitation and oppression of the workers, yet he never had a job, was constantly in debt and lived like a parasite off the credit and good will of others. He was hopelessly incompetent with finances. He never even visited a factory in order to see first hand what conditions people worked under, yet he regarded himself as more knowledgeable than the workers in terms of what their needs and interests were. The video below covers this in far more detail.

While watching the video, what constantly comes to mind is not just the virulent narcissism of Marx but how that narcissism is rooted in a deep sense of victimhood. Marx constantly blamed everyone else about his problems while never taking serious steps to sort out his own, self-perpetuating problems, especially those related to his personal finances and his health. Therefore, it shouldn't come as a surprise that to this very day, those who have a strong sense of victimhood and see the world around them with bitterness, envy and resentment are drawn towards Marx's ideas. As discussed before on this blog, this is probably the most disempowering way of thinking. If you truly want to empower yourself, you need to take responsibility for your health, your finances, your relationships and so forth.

Like a recurrent tumour, Marxist ideas fail to die, despite the horrific and appalling track record. One hundred million deaths and counting and yet there are still people who advocate them. Below is a discussion on how Marxist ideas are influencing the Anglosphere:

The main book that is referred to is The Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, which is the best documented proof that Marxism always leads to unbelievable oppression and destruction (an audio recording is available here). What happened in the Soviet Union was not a deviation from Marxism but Marxism applied properly. If some fool tries to claim that what happened in the Soviet Union (or China under Mao, Cambodia under Pol Pot, Castro's Cuba etc.) was "not real communism", or that "real communism" has never been implemented, this is worth listening to:

Let us not be tempted by the ideas of this most wicked and bloody of ideologies. 

And with Allah alone is every success.

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