Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Adab of the Mufti

Dar Al-Hadith, Damascus, where Imam Al-Nawawi used to teach

Alhamdulilah, Chapter 5 of the soon-to-be-published book The Etiquettes of the Scholar and the Learner, which is a translation of the introduction to Imam Al-Nawawi's Al-Majmu', may Allah have mercy on him, has been published by the Journal for Islamic Sciences and is also available for download from the English Naseem Al-Sham site. This chapter deals specifically with the etiquettes of the mufti and the mustafti, i.e. the one seeking a fatwa.

Insha'Allah, the book itself will be published within the coming months, and with Allah is every success.


BFL_competitor said...

Assalamu'alaikum wr. wb.

I am looking forward to this posting so that I will be able to share with my peers and colleagues on the syurut of being a mufti. In today's context. I have seen many people claiming themselves to be mufti but fall short of the conditions to be one. When they give "fatwa", they did not follow the qawa'id set by the saadah 'ulama of the so-called schools of thought they adhered upon.

Kamran Khan said...

Is this also meant for modern day mufti s from the four schools

Mahdi Lock said...

Wa alaykum Assalaam,

Jazakum Allah khayran for writing.

Absolutely. Imam an-Nawawi, may Allah have mercy on him, is setting the standard.

I've also been informed the whole book will be printed next week (finally) and should be available soon, insha'Allah.